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Personalised treatment to remove wrinkles, look and feel much younger

Man botox
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Anti wrinkle or Brotox can improve a man’s appearance dramatically.

Harbour Cosmetic Clinic’s Brotox for men, or ‘Mantox’ treatment redefines the existing masculine form, restoring the freshness and vitality gradually lost over the years. Mantox is tailored for each man’s specific facial structure and concerns.

The basic anatomy of the male face tends to differ significantly from that of women. Harbour Cosmetic Clinic’s qualified medical staff have years of experience producing superb results for the particular muscle mass and muscle fibre patterns of male faces.

Our doctor-customised Mantox treatment will leave you looking rested, relaxed, invigorated – and like the best, most energised version of yourself.

Achieve a rugged, youthful, natural look, and a whole new confidence

More than ever, men are feeling tired of looking old and tired. With intense pressures at work and at home, there’s no mystery why more than 30% of our patients are men. Like you, they remember the rugged, youthful look they once had – and they want it back.

Mantox – Brotox for men treatment – is the most popular route to achieving these naturals, refreshed, youthful results. Skin is rejuvenated, harsh lines softened, and visible signs of aging are diminished. Externally, you’re revived and looking better than ever. Internally, you’re confident, energised, and feeling better than ever.

What kind of man gets Brotox?

Men like you get Brotox. Here’s what they get out of it.

Those who spend significant amounts of time with clients, running work teams, and in business meetings gain the confidence of knowing they are presenting themselves at top form, especially with younger colleagues.

Men who had become accustomed to looking permanently exhausted now look in the mirror and see their masculine vitality restored. No longer do they wonder what happened to the youthful, energized man they used to be – because they feel like that again. Peak masculine form, once attained, is not something they (or you) will give up.

How Much Does Mantox Cost?

Men’s antiwrinkle treatment costs about $250 – $500. Results are seen within 3 – 10 days and last up to 4 months. Treatment is quick and most patients say almost painless, giving it a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale. Injections only take a few minutes to actually perform.

Where Is Our Clinic Located?

Harbour Cosmetic Clinic is located Upstair on Level One, 99 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston. Parking is free and plentiful.

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Where Can I Learn More About Men’s Anti Wrinkle Brotox Packages?

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The Rickets Line In Cosmetic Facial Beauty |Assessing The Ageing Face By Cosmetic Nurse Jo Wilson |Harbour Cosmetic Clinic



The Ricketts Line In Assessing Facial Beauty  


The Ricketts E Plane was created by an orthodontist Dr. Ricketts. His goal was to identify correct lower face alignment. This is an area I have a special interest in, primarily because it is where I see the dramatic changes to the overall facial beauty aesthetic.

Using this tool with HA dermal filler treatments at Harbour Cosmetic clinic has been life-changing for my patients!

The Ricketts Line is an assessment tool now used in the clinic by to assess ideal proportions of the lower face. It is extremely useful, specifically for the proportion of the lips in relation to the nose and chin in the overall aesthetic of the face.

A straight line is drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin and assessed according to base measurements.

In traditional caucasian beauty, the upper lip needs to sit 4mm behind the line and the lower lip needs to sit 2mm behind the line. There are variations with ethnicities but Ricketts Line serves as a good baseline to keep facial harmony in your overall facial assessment.

It is a practice tool I use for all of my patients at Harbour Cosmetic Clinic Wilston when they come in for their treatments.

Other Cosmetic Treatments offered include: Lip Filler, Cheek Filler, Chin Filler, Jawline Filler, Anti wrinkle treatments, Lipodissolve Fat Injections, Skin Needling, LED Light Therapy, Chemical Peels.

Harbour Cosmetic Clinic is listed as one of Brisbane’s Best Cosmetic Dermal Filler Clinics by Style Magazines Brisbane. 

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What are Antiwrinkle Injections? Cosmetic Nurse Wilston

Antiwrinkle injections
Antiwrinkle injections – Cosmetic Nurse Jo Wilson Wilston Skin Clinic

What are Antiwrinkle Injections? Cosmetic Nurse Jo Wilson

Its a good question! so what are antiwrinkle injections?

There is increasing consumer awareness in the market today of the price of anti-wrinkle injections. However, not all consumers are aware that not all anti-wrinkle injections are created equal. So what is the difference?

Firstly, what is an anti-wrinkle injection? Anti-wrinkle injections are Schedule 4 drugs and for that reason, we are limited to how we can refer to these products. There are many serotypes but the one approved for commercial use is serotype A. The cosmetic version is made from a purified form of botulinum bacteria which acts by causing a block in the nerve activity to facial muscles injected, giving a temporary reduction in muscle movement. The effect of this is reduced muscle activity giving the appearance of smooth skin. What are the cosmetic brands? The two well-known brands of muscle relaxants on the market currently are Type B and Type D.

Why are the prices different?

Both anti-wrinkle products are the same type A protein and work in a similar fashion. There has been much debate over which one lasts longer however after examining many studies they difference is negligible. Differences in these toxins may relate to differences in the strain of bacterium, preparation, diffusion, and potency testing but is not really relevant to the consumer. What is relevant is the dosing, which is where the price confusion comes in. It is important to note that not all drugs are created equal and the main difference between each product is that their “unit” measurements are not the same. The ratio of units is generally 2.5 – 3: 1 (2.5 – 3 times more Type D units per Type B unit), so, therefore, you can’t expect to use the same number of Type D units that you are used to using in Type B units.

For example, 20 units of Type B is required to relax a frown. For the same result using Type D, 50 units will be required.  Anti-wrinkle injections at $6 a unit may sound more appealing than $15 a unit, but what you need to ask each clinic is what drug is it to get a correct price comparison. In most instances, even taking these differences in to account, you can still be paying the same price for the treatment no matter which anti-wrinkle product is used.

Ratio      1 – 2.5Type BType D
Treatment frown20 units50 units
Price$12 per unit$3.95
per unit
Total$240 (20 x $12)$197.50 (50 x $3.95)

What are the basic differences between products?

  • Anti-wrinkle Type D “kicks in” a little more quickly than Type B
  • Type B usually takes effect after 5-7 days, while Type D effects are noticeable as early as 1-2 days after treatment

In conclusion, Type D may be minimally less expensive, but not enough so to make any significant difference cost-wise to the consumer. Consumers be savvy in understanding the product and the way it is used so you can be sure of what you will be paying for and the result you will get. Your treating Cosmetic Injector will always recommend the product they believe will give you the best results.

Jo Wilson Registered Nurse Brisbane

About Nurse Jo

Cosmetic Nurse Jo Wilson is our Founder and Head Registered Aesthetics Nurse at Harbour Medispa as part of the Renaissance Cosmetics Clinics Group Australia. 

Graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 1998,  Jo brings 18 years experience as a Registered Nurse to her craft.  She regularly attends Cosmetic Conferences and training sessions with world-renowned Cosmetic Doctors and Plastic Surgeons to keep ahead of the curb in the cosmetic skincare industry. 

Prior to working in aesthetic cosmetic medicine, Jo worked in acute pediatrics, medicine, surgery, corporate healthcare, and immunization specialties. 

Jo is a fully qualified in aesthetic cosmetic medicine having completed accredited training in full Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation. She performs all non-invasive procedures at Harbour Medispa under the medical direction of our Doctors.

Jo treats your skincare from a ‘functional health’ perspective. Combining her medical experience with an incredible intuition for how to achieve your skincare goals, Jo is one of the leading cosmetic medicine practitioners in Brisbane.  

If you are looking for Cosmetic Injections and skincare with the very best of medical care at affordable rates,  look no further than Harbour Medispa Wilston today.

Harbour Medispa Wilston provides the highest quality cosmetic injection procedures in Wilston, Brisbane, Queensland. 

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