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Chin Filler.


What is non surgical chin augmentation?


Chin Filler is a safe, non invasive option for an opportunity to improve chin profiles instantly without any surgery. The best part, it’s is not permanent and completely reversible. It allows patients to see their new profiles before they commit to an invasive surgical procedure with permanent results, like a chin implant.


How is non surgical chin augmentation performed?


Chin Filler is injected with a natural hyaluronic acid dermal filler directly into the chin to gradually rebuild it by adding volume and creating symmetry.


treatment time: 15 mins to 45 mins  

RECOVERY TIME: zero to little recovery time


COST: 550/ML


I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Jo – exceptional customer service and knowledge combined with a genuine commitment to doing the right thing for her client. And great results!

– Naomi 42, Wilston 

0.5mL Lip Filler Treatment

0.5mL Lip Filler Treatment
Fresh & Subtle Volume
8mL Refresh And Restore Facial Volume
0.5mL Lip Filler Treatment
Just A Little Refreshment To Enhance Thinning Lips
0.5mL Lip Filler Treatment
Natural Pillow with Focus on Corner Structures
1mL Lip Filler Treatment
Corrective Technique to Perioral Area to Reshape Lip and Supporting Structures.
0.5mL Lip Filler Treatment
Jolie-Inspired with Pillow-Effect & Slight Upturning On Edges
1mL Lip Filler Treatment built up in multiple sessions of 1mL for a fuller look over time.
Natural Yet Noticeable Results With A Lip Corners Lift

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