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The Cosmetic Nurse Blog is a collection of thought-pieces, stories & truth on everything cosmetic beauty, wellness,  self-Esteem & modern womanhood by our Founder & Registered Nurse Jo Wilson. Enjoy!

How To Predict Your Ageing Face

Facial rejuvenation Your aging face | Cosmetic Nurse Jo Who needs a Russian App to predict how you will age? Just grab an apple. Along with the increased wisdom and accomplishments that come with the passage of time, we experience aging in every nook and cranny of the...

Can Lip Fillers Trigger Cold Sores?

Can Lip Fillers Trigger Cold Sores?

Question: Can a lip filler trigger a cold sore? Answer: If you’re prone to cold sores (herpes simplex virus), you’ve probably noticed that certain things can cause the virus to flare up. Stress, weather, chemicals and injury to the lip can all awaken the virus in your...

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