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no aesthetic treatments are advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding 


 Harness The Light

One of latest and already most popular treatment on our menu at Harbour Medispa Wilston is LED Light Therapy.  LED Light Therapy is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of advanced light technology to benefit a wide range of skin conditions. Using specific frequencies, LED Therapy has been scientifically prove to regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen, and promote a natural skin healing.

First developed by NASA to speed up wound healing, LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy is a beautiful inclusion to your skincare regime for its proven ability as an effective skin rejuvenation treatment for photoaging skin, as well as acne and rosacea. 

We provide the latest in pain-free, non-invasive LED Light Therapy with the QuattroLux™ PhotoDynamic Technology. It’s powerful and active, providing a less aggressive treatment than plastic surgery and a more natural alternative.

The ultimate results? Firmer, vibrant and absolutely glowing skin.

A Proven  Treatment

For Every Skin Type

Clinically and scientifically tested, peer-reviewed LED Light Therapy is proven to improve the appearance of your skin and visibly reduce the signs of aging.

LED Light treatment appeals to nearly all ages, complexions and concerns. Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates this gorgeous, relaxing therapy. Your skin care professional Nurse Jo will run through a consultation to assess with degrees of LED Light are appropriate for your skin. 

All LED Light Therapy treatments finish with applications of: skin-specific serums, replenishing gels, calming balms, hydrators, and broad spectrum SPF.


  • Regenerates your skin cells
  • Stimulates  production of collagen & elastin
  • Promotes your natural skin healing response
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, pore sizes, age spots, sun damage, redness, flushing & dilated capillaries



  • Scientifically-proven & first developed by NASA
  • Customisable & tailored based on the LED therapy that is right for you
  • Proven to be an effective rejuvenating treatment for problematic skin conditions like acne and rosacea 


  • Appeals to nearly all ages, complexions & concerns 
  • Safe, effective & non-invasive
  • Instant gratification in 30 mins with no downtime
  • Plays nicely with other treatments from our cosmetics menu

How Does LED Therapy Work? How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Many skin care professionals will recommend you schedule a facial every three to four weeks; however, it truly depends on your skin, your age and the environment in which you live.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Diodes give off energy in the form of light. These little diodes are: compact, durable, powerful, bright, efficient, and produce rejuvenating effects on the skin. Independent worldwide research from organizations such as NASA have shown that light applied in the correct wavelength improves skin cell renewal, stimulates the proliferation of collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) in the skin, and increases the creations of collagen and elastic fibers by penetrating up to one inch deep under the skin without causing any thermal damage or downtime.

This breakthrough technology does not use thermal heat or any kind of “invasive” process, but triggers the body to convert light energy into the form of cell energy for skin rejuvenation. As there is little to no heat generated from LED, there is no risk of tissue damage, making it one of the safest anti-aging solutions.

Nurse Jo will work with you to determine which LED Light Therapy is best for you from the treatment types below

OUR technology & THERAPY TYPES

The QuattroLux system from Universal Medical Aesthetics that we use at Harbour Medispa Wilston is a specialised light emitting diode (LED) phototherapy system that uses four specific wavelengths of light energy to restore skin’s normal and healthy activity.
The treatments use low level light energy from specific light colour light emitting diodes, to alter cellular functions and accelerate the skin’s self healing process. LED light sources for phototherapy have narrow light emission wavelengths that accurately match the absorption spectrum of targeted cells – more accurately than IPL. Unlike laser all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types I-6) can be treated.



Improves the skin’s barrier function by enhancing its ability to retain key elements it needs to heal, regenerate healthy skin cells & stimulate collagen & elastin productions. Also targets the skin’s oil glands to reduce cytokines, a class of pro-inflammatory substances that play a role in chronic acne. It has many reduction benefits of fine lines, enlarged pores & broken capillaries. Skin will also appear smoother, more even-toned & firmer with each treatment.



Targets the strain of bacteria pivotal in causing acne for many people. The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill P. Acne bacteria without damaging healthy skin. Treatment includes a custom infusion of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & acne-controlling ingredients to eliminate existing acne blemishes, control sebum production & prevent future breakouts.



An effective treatment for skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, and rosacea. It has the ability to inhibit melanin production and diffuse redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries.



Amber/Yellow LED Light Therapy is known for the treatment of pain management, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. This therapy works to purify the skin at the cellular level, leaving it healthy, smoother and more vibrant.


pricing & Packages

Our pricing and packages for LED Light Therapy are below.
We also offer Express LED Sessions as an add-on to any Facial Treatment for $50.


Our LED Red Light Session stimulates cellular activity and draws moisture into the skin for a total facial revival. It adds volume leaving the skin hydrated, tightened and rejuvenated. This light will reduce pore size and is particularly effective at reducing periorbital wrinkles and fine lines. It is ideal as an add-on to boost a facial, peel or injectable treatments.



Our most popular package and Nurse Jo’s recommended non-invasive treatment to help turn back the clock and preventing the signs of aging!

We use the power of our advanced light energy technology to stimulate your skins own natural repair processes resulting in a younger, healthier more youthful skin. Nurse Jo consults with you to assess the right combination of lights to treat your condition. 

This package includes a 30min Express Facial (double cleanse, oil massage, vitamin serum) + LED Light Treatment Therapy 



For Acne Prone Skin, Blue light at 415 – 425 nm has been shown in various studies to treat acne over a course of several treatments. LED blue light therapy targets bacteria, inflammation, and excess sebum production, this treatment will neutralize bacteria and reduce inflammation in active acne present on the skin. LED Blue can be used for mild to moderate acne in combination with other light colors.

A facial will deep cleanse your skin to rid it of dead skin cells and impurities. Skin manipulation stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin. Adding alternating LED light therapies in the last session of a treatment will stimulate the skin’s collagen resulting in naturally glowing skin.

Package includes 2 x treatments a week for one month (8 treatments in total over a 4 week period) with alternating RED & BLUE lights.

$550 (SAVING $250)


Is Light Therapy Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe and painless.

Are there any adverse effects from this treatment?

No. This treatment has no adverse reactions and no down-time.  LED emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing ‘non-significant risk’ due to the fact that they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from overexposure.

Is the process abrasive or painful?

No.  An LED treatment is a gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment.

How is the treatment administered?

A professional will follow specific protocols to treat the face, neck and upper chest areas. Even the hands may be treated. You will experience a feeling of relaxation, light warmth and well being.

What is the recommended schedule for the LED Facial Sessions?

Depending on age and the condition of the skin, the recommended series of treatments is 8-15 treatments done weekly or bi-weekly followed by regular monthly maintenance.  Your medical professional will determine how many initial treatments will be most beneficial.


How long does LED treatment take?

During your initial series, each treatment is variable depending on the area being treated.

When can  I expect to see results?

The skin looks different after one treatment, smoother, more hydrated with a radiant glow.  However, since the device is stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, the most visible results are seen gradually over several weeks.  With each treatment you see improvement.

Is LED a good complement to other skin treatments?

Absolutely! LED strengthens and rejuvenates the skin at a cellular level, therefore, amplifies the results achieved in any facial treatment.

Can I use make-up immediately?

Yes, there is no downtime with this treatment.

Is LED for everyone?

Everyone can achieve results with LED light therapy, however, these treatments will have the greatest impact on the skin with sluggish metabolism and slow cellular activity showing visible signs of aging.  Contraindications for light therapy include pregnancy and epilepsy, photo-allery and medications that cause light sensitivity such as Tetracycline.  Also if you currently take steroids or cortisone injections, you should avoid light therapy.

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Jo DavyJo Davy
03:06 11 Jun 22
Highly recommend Nurse Jo and her treatment range. The PDO thread lift is hands down the best face treatment I’ve had. I had 100 threads around my jawline and lower face area. i feel like I’ve had a face lift. Was quite tender for a few days afterwards but the results just got better and better for about 6 weeks. Definitely worth it.
Wendy AndersonWendy Anderson
04:09 01 Jun 22
I have had 2 sessions now and love the results. I am 60 and have been told I look 50. Amazing work and very knowledgeable with what I needed and what I want. Suggestion are a great result. Love Harbour Medispa.Wendy
Eileen Mac DonaghEileen Mac Donagh
06:17 02 Apr 22
Jo was fabulous! Extremely professional and a safe pair of hands. I had a chemical peel and facial that left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! I was very happy with the results! Highly recommend. Thanks Jo.
Kristin SchillingKristin Schilling
04:00 02 Apr 22
Jo is fabulous at what she does, my jaw feels so much better after my first bruxism treatment, had my second yesterday! Also some forehead injectables I am looking forward to the results in the coming weeks.
sarah Readsarah Read
02:49 28 Mar 22
Anyone wanting filler, Botox etc go see jo!!! She is amazing!!! So in love with my lips and wat she's done to my face! Honestly she is amazing will definitely be staying with Medispa 😍
Maria MMaria M
10:47 24 Aug 21
The best I have ever had in facial cosmetic treatments. Injectables - the best. Thank you so much ! Never going anywhere else. Wow x
Erin GlydeErin Glyde
08:13 04 Aug 21
Thank you so much to Jo for a wonderful client experience and for making a huge difference in my life 😍To anyone who has a gummy smile I would recommend this treatment 100%. I feel so much more confident and am so impressed with the results. Jo was comprehensive and informative regarding the treatment and provided a relaxed and calm environment. I would highly recommend Harbour Medispa and am looking forward to visiting again ☺️

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